After University, I pursued rigorous self-study of composition, taking my inspiration from the Australian Landscape; its fast array of native flora and fauna, vast stretches of coastline, paintings, poetry, sculpture, mythology (both indigenous and Greek) and ancient inventions.

Partly due to this intrigue I have spent some time travelling overseas, with the longest being a year living in Cambodia. Understanding people within an environment, feeling the rhythms, taking in the stories, the language, the history. My aim was not necessarily to be an ‘Australian Composer’ or to develop and Australian ‘sound’, but to understand that music & culture, storytelling is inherently related, that there is a collective unconscious and that those ideas express themselves over and over again regardless of nation. But eventually it is Australia in which I call back to. All of this with the gentle and insightful mentoring of the late composer Phillip Houghton all of which have helped my capacity to develop.

The Dawn is at Hand for Flute and Guitar in three movements